Ventilation Components That We Assemble

  • Extractor Fans

  • Ductwork

  • ESP Filtration 

  • UV Filtration 

  • Passive Filtration

  • Recirculation Ventilation System

Canopy With Fresh Air

Stainless steel island type extraction canopy with fresh air.Dirty and clean air management.


Ventilation systems installation.

Recirculation Ventilation

Odour, smoke, oil and fine particles filtration for kitchens where ductwork connection is not possible.

Extractor Fans

Centrigugal,axial fans

Fresh Air Installation

Fresh air systems installation.

Passive Filtration

Carbon,Hepa,Bag,Panel Filters


Stainless steel and galvanised ductwork

ESP Filtration

Oil, smoke and grease filtration with electrostatic precipitators.

Ultraviolet Filtration

Odour filtration with ultraviolet lights.

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